Designs We Like 1.02

This month's Designs We Like: Crossover Blog features at ease tees, a cafepress shop infused with a uplifting Christian message.

There is something special about the innocence and openness of a child. As little time as three-years ago I would've had a different attitude about it but, since being so close to M3S while he has been growing up, it seems that every day I'm filled with amazement at something he does.

I was drawn to this month's Designs We Like entry not because of it's superior artistic techniques or a witty saying, but by the simplicity of how a young lady graphically interprets God's word. This "Hearts Belong" design features eight colorful heart-shaped balloons floating along above the text, "Let your hearts belong to Jesus"-- a reminder that, as Christians, we should reflect Christ in our hearts and live our lives in accordance with the truth of the scriptures. When we are saved, we belong to Christ, and are His.

Though it is obvious that the artwork was done by a child, it is a very talented child with a design sense way beyond her years, making this a great design that is appropriate for individuals of any age. The design is available for imprint on a variety of Men's, Women's and Children's apparel and gift items including T-shirts, outerwear, caps, buttons, bags, mugs and even a little teddy bear. In addition, there is a fine selection of printed materials like greeting cards, calendars and posters that would make for a unique, custom gift for loved ones.

There are also other designs from the same artist in this collection called "Boog's Corner" at the family-friendly cafepress shop, at ease tees, where the father of the talented nine-year old has a large selection of Christian inspired designs ready to be imprinted on over 100 items. With shop sections such as Joyful Noise, Arrows, Vision, Truth and Gospel Magic, you are sure to find something for everyone on your gift list.

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