How to Announce Your Expecting (A Baby)

My wife and I recently found out we are expecting a new baby in the early part of next year. I can say this now, openly on this blog for all the world to see, for two reasons:
1. No one, yet, is reading this blog. And by the time anyone does... the baby will be here.
2. I have already told everyone else.

I didn't realize that was such a big deal! There is a hierarchy– a politically correct and, even more importantly, a maternally correct way to announce the news. 

It wasn't like this with our first child. Maybe because it was such a traumatic experience that we were unable to speak until we were halfway through the second trimester. (The anxiety leading up to the due date put me in the hospital– twice.) But we've already been through all of this and I am really excited that we are going to get to experience the whole thing again. What is the harm in telling our family and friends the good news?

My lovely wife wanted to make the announcement in some creative way. Being an artist, her creative idea, quickly becomes my creative work. Honestly, I love my wife and think she has some wonderful ideas but, as any independent designer will tell you, the people that are closest to you are the most difficult ones to work for. And the closer they are– the harder it is.

The first idea was to do a card, but that didn't pan out because we were going to see both families for the holiday in just under two weeks and I stalled long enough... I mean we didn't have enough time to get the custom cards from Snapfish. On to plan B:

We both thought that a T-shirt for our son would be a good idea. He could just wear a shirt that said something witty like, "I'm the big brother" or "If you think I'm cute... just wait until you see the new baby", and we'll let everyone figure it out for themselves. The only problem with idea is that we couldn't agree on a witty saying. I did several designs of my own, but none were what she was looking for.

I do have to give my wife credit though. The T-shirt designs have been very popular at: www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez. One design in particular (pictured) has be my biggest seller, generating almost half the sales of all my other designs together.

Plan C: Paulie's Secret- Our son is amazing. For being just under three years old, he is amazingly smart and has the incredible ability to grasp concepts that I didn't fully understand until my teen years. I was convinced that he could handle this secret with some careful explanation from his mother and me and, considering he is my best friend, I wanted to share the news with him first.

I was so proud of him (and he of himself) when he went to tell his Nanu (my father) his secret, "My mama has a baby in her tummy!" I think that was the best way we could have announced we were expecting (a baby), but if you would like to check out Plan B go to:

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