Jonah's Brothers Tour T-shirts

I almost feel bad about my new design on cafepress... almost. 

Do a search for T-shirts on your favorite search engine and count how many times Jonas Brothers comes up. I'd be willing to bet that 12-14 responses out of the first 100 will mention something about them. Most of those will be tween and teen girls asking how they can get their hands on a tee from a concert that they are unable to go to.

I had heard my 18-year old sister-in-law mention the Jonas Brothers (Joe is apparently the hot one) and at that point I had no idea who they were. I am not a Bible scholar, but I don't remember mention of any of Jonah's siblings in the Good Book– and that was the only Jonah I had ever heard of.

I guess I feel a little bad because I am exploiting the popularity of the Jonas Brothers to attract people to: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez and, possibly make a buck or two out of the deal. Its not that there isn't a whole lot of exploitation going on here anyway. Disney is exploiting these young boys from New Jersey to make them all kinds of jack and the whole bunch of them are exploiting all of those tweens and teens.

The kids do have some talent and the message of the design is a scripture from the Bible. I am not intentionally trying to mislead anyone into buying something that they don't want. In fact, I wrote in the first line of the description that "This is not the Jonah that you think!" Although there is some exploitation going on, I don't think anybody is really getting hurt in the long run.

It is kinda a cool design. Check it out at: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez/5821601

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