A Trip to the Land of the Lost

To be brutally honest, Land of the Lost didn't make that big of an impact on me. I was about ten-years old when the original series aired in 1974-1976 and I do remember the show. I guess it was pretty cool at the time as they were pretty progressive (for a Saturday morning show) with special effects and such. This would have been a big change from the regular cartoons at the time.

I also remember the sleestack. Not that I was afraid of them (and at 10 I wouldn't have admit it even if I was) but they did freak me out a little. Looking back it is really funny because they are not frightening at all. In fact, they are almost hokey with the really bad latex costumes and freakish masks. But again, at that time, they didn't have a lot of the special effects that they do now. We didn't expect more so it could be a little scary.

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It had nothing to do with the upcoming film starring Will Ferrel and based on the original series, Land of the Lost. It is listed at the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) as a Adventure/Comedy/Sci-Fi.

According to the message board at IMDb, there are some problems with costs and such so production is shutting down. You would think fans of the show would be disappointed in this, but here is a quote from the board: "So we are in luck! They won't rape this childhood classic! We WIN!!!".

Apparently the original series did make a big impact on some people as there are a bunch of posts out there condemning the making of this movie. I think, mostly, because of Will Ferrel and the fact that it is a comedy (to at least some degree) but some want it be a great epic feature film.

I understand their point, but the producers of the film must think they are wrong or, at least, in the minority. A comedy with Will Ferrel is likely to make more money than an epic film with Orlando Bloom. Unfortunately, that's what it all comes down to-- money.

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