Weekend with Just the Boys

I had a great weekend. My wife went out of town on Friday and left me at home with the baby through Sunday night. 

I guess I should be done calling him the baby as he will be three years old next week and he really is getting to be a "big boy". He is learning to go on the big boy potty so he is wearing big boy unders.

I always promised that when I had kids I wouldn't be one of those parents that bragged endlessly about how smart they were, but I am having a hard time keeping this one. I don't know if it is just an "every parent" type of thing or if he really is extremely advanced, but he just freaks me out sometimes with how he presents himself and what he understands. I want him to be smarter than me– just not yet.

It has taken almost three years but I am almost completely comfortable with staying alone with him– even for as long as 2-3 days like this weekend. His clothes will probably not match like they do when Mama dresses him and we may have cold pizza for breakfast, but we are going to make it through without any major catastrophes– and we might learn to pee standing up (in the backyard) as a bonus.

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One of the tricks I have learned to make the weekend move along smoothly is to keep my son busy and make sure he feels involved. Saturday morning we went to the Home Depot to pick up some stuff so we could do some work in the yard. I felt much better about my fathering skills when I saw how some of the other dads had their kids dressed. There was a 6-7 year old girl wearing cowboy boots, a fairy dress, cape and stocking cap. 

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