Fantasy (Football) Weekend

It's that time of year again! On the weekend before Labor Day, 17 or so of my friends and I get together to drink too much, gamble too much, get too much sun and draft our fantasy football teams for the upcoming season. I have been in the league for 16 years, I think, but it was around for a few years before that. Some teams are co-owned, like ours, and other owners go solo. The guys come in from three different states (it used to be four but Dreamer moved to N.C. where the McNabbs were already settled). 

Winners take home a good chunk of change at the end of the year, however Gereetz (Gerkens and Skeetz) has only finished in the money one time. I figured we are down about $3000 over that period of time. It's a good thing we split it.

It's not a coincidence that it is called "fantasy" football as most of us are not in good enough shape anymore to watch a gridiron game, much less play "two-hand touch" on a Saturday afternoon. We do, however, have a lot of pride about the teams that we "own" and, although there is a huge amount of luck involved in doing well in the standings, the winner always proclaims superior coaching skills as the cause, even though they probably think a "red dog" is a type of lager, a strong safety is another name for a prophylactic and collective bargaining is something you do with your wife to get a little extra cash out of the budget to go to the boat for the night.

It does keep us a tight bunch, though, and if you ask anyone who has participated in a fantasy league in any sport, I'm certain they would say that it makes the games more exciting. In addition to this weekend we all get together on Sundays throughout the season as well as several other times, directly or indirectly, related to all of this. I think most of the guys would agree that this (along with opening day and Thanksgiving) would pick this as one of their favorite times of the whole year.

I would write a lot more about the fiasco that I'm sure the next three days is going to be but I will save it for the Monday A.M. QB Column. There is more quality stuff from one good outing with these guys than what I get from all the other weekends in the combined so I know that I am going to have a ton of great stories... I just don't know how much I'm going to be able to post on the blog without changing the rating to PG-13.

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