That's what she said...

I've been on a roll developing a series of T-shirt designs based on the pop double entendre, "That's what she said". The phrase is being made even more popular by the hit NBC series, "The Office". I have seen the show a couple of times but I am unaware of the running joke and I know that it wasn't started there. In fact, I think the writers on the show are, cleverly, mocking the fact that every office has one of those guys that thinks he's funny by dropping the line in response to every other comment they here.

I would have to say though, when done correctly– with a little tact and wit and not overdone– it can be pretty darn hilarious. We have a guy at work, Matt Lamb, that is pretty good. Although it is not really my thing (I prefer the witty comebacker, "You're a ______!"– fill in the blank with whatever word you just ended your last sentence with) I find him very funny. Matt, in turn, likes my creativity and we have joined forces to amuse ourselves and maybe make a buck or two selling these shirts at: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez.

It all started by accident. Matt was at my desk discussing a marketing piece I was working on. We were just finishing up when we overheard a model in the photo studio say, "You want to get me from behind, don't you?" It was the perfect set up and Matt couldn't resist saying, "That's what she said," as he was leaving the department. One our designers said, "Matt Lamb, you are bad!" 

Instantly, an idea for a T-shirt popped into my head. The combination of "bad" and "Lamb" made me think about sheep and a few minutes later, I had the "That's what sheep said..." design done. This was quickly followed by "That's what..." "Chi" said and "bee" said and a couple for "tree" said. All cute, in their own right, but they haven't gotten a lot of action in the shop.

A couple of hours after I showed the designs to Matt, though, he came back with a real winner: "Favre Goes Deep... That's what Cheese Head." Now that's just funny no matter who you are. (Unless you don't follow current events in the NFL.)

I think it is funny. Someone else does too, because we have sold a single shirt. I'm sure once the word gets out, everybody's gonna want a piece of it...

That's what she said.

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