Monday Morning Quarterback 1.0

The weekend is usually very busy for our family. We have a three-year old that needs a ton of attention, my wife is pregnant with our second child and we both work during the week so there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done on the weekend, not to mention that we need some time to unwind and get ready for the next week. This makes it hard to find the time to write in by blog or design anything for the shop at: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez but I still have ideas over that two-three day period that I want to be sure to follow-up, on later in the week.

My intention behind the Monday Morning Quarterback column is to note a few major themes that I thought about during the busy weekend. I can come back to them later and blog in more detail. I figure it can only be an improvement. I will forget less than I did before and even if I don't get a chance to go more in depth on the subject, if anybody ever reads this blog, it might stimulate conversation.

• Michael Phelps is an incredible swimmer, but that may be the only thing that he can do well. Did you see the interview with him and Mark Spitz on Friday night? They are both idiots.
• Interesting conversation with Paulie on Saturday. Among the questions he asked: "Where does Jesus live?" and "can he fly". You can't answer a three-year old with, "Good Question!" 
• There may still be a chance for me in the 2012 Olympics– Think Badminton!
• Even my wife agreed that the female pairs diving competition looked like a lesbian porno with all the hugging and kissing and showering together.
• Note: remember the funny video: British Game Show MC: Name a kind of bean. Contestant: Les-bean!
• Joined a blog exchange to promote the cafepress shop. Look for a critique of another member's design in upcoming weeks. They, in turn, will write about one of mine!
• Summer's almost over. Bowling started up last week. Good news: look's like I have recovered from the stroke! Bad news: I still suck!
• Skeetz Teez may be the new sponsor of the bowling team. I hope this helps as sales are still off it seems. In addition to the sponsorship, I am purchasing a bunch of shirts at discount to wear around for more exposure.

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