ShoutOut 1.01

Hopefully Shout Out can be a regular column on this blog too.

Hey– somebody is, actually, reading this thing! She is even a subscriber! I won't mention that she is only a subscriber because I signed her up, but she told me tonight that she is actually reading it!

Okay– this ShoutOut goes to... Ashley Monique (we will use code names to protect the innocent). Asher is my favorite sister-in-law (unless you ask me in front of Felicia), our summer Au Pair and the only person under the age of 21 that will talk to me like I am a normal human being and not a grown-up.

She really did a hell of a job for the last few months watching the monster and helping out around the house. If you ask me she should have held out for twice the pay she got. 

Ashley will be attending her freshman year at Indiana Wesleyan in the fall. I am really going to miss her because now my pregnant wife will have no one in the house left to pick on but me. I think I have her convinced to start a blog of her own so family and friends can keep up without her having to call everyone constantly (if you new this family, you would know what I mean).

Hope you enjoy my stories, kid. And let me know when you start up on your end. See you around your birthday. (I'll try not to stroke out this year.)

I would love to hear from anyone else that may be reading this blog. I'll even give you a ShoutOut if you want–or I won't if you don't. Just leave me a comment or send an email (unless you are another sister-in-law... then you can call.)

P.S. Ashley: I didn't get a chance to tell you: outstanding job on the basement. I owe you one so I'm sending you a selection of T-shirts and gifts from: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez

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