BFF, LOL, BTW, BRB? Is there some kind of reference document for all of these acronyms that kids are using on the internet and in texting? And how do I submit my own suggestions for Webspeak words that should be added to this new age dictionary? Because I think I have a good one...

MLW- My lovely wife, or my loving wife. Either one would work. I don't really like to mention people's real names on the internet. There are too many crazies out there (present company excluded). Granted, there aren't many strangers reading this blog, but its the strangers that do are the ones that I would be concerned with.

For this reason I avoid using my wife's or my son's names, but it seems sort of impersonal to give them some kind of made-up name and I write about both of them too much to not come up with some solution. So, from this point on, whenever I write of my lovely wife I will use MLW and when I have something to say about my son I will use M3S (my 3-year-old son). If you know of how I can get these submitted into the Webspeak dictionary, please reply comments section.

Okay, back to business! The reason all this came up today is because I have been saving up some notes about MLW.

1) Is there a common expression about, "If you have to ask... you shouldn't have to ask"? If there isn't there should be. I was on the phone with her and she was telling me how she was upset because someone was asking her, "Do you think this is alright?" MLW tried to explain to me that she felt the person knew that it didn't and probably knew that MLW didn't think so either, but they just wanted her to be polite and say, "Sure, it's alright" to make the other person feel better about the wrong decision.

You would of thought this other person would know MLW better if they were going to ask that question. She is not going to agree with you if she doesn't truly agree with you and she was put in a position where she was going to upset someone else so that, in turn, upset her. That's when she coined the phrase, "If you have to ask... don't ask."

I didn't fully comprehend the statement until the next morning. I had finished getting ready for church and was on my way out the door and I had to make the mistake of asking, "Do you think I look like a jerk?"

I began changing before MLW got a word out of her mouth.

2) MLW is 14-15 weeks pregnant. Something about when she is expecting makes her very creative. Maybe it's a craving thing, or nesting or something, but I'm not complaining for two reasons: a) you should never complain to a pregnant woman unless you are ready to deal with her hormonal wrath and b) she is coming up with a bunch of designs for my cafepress shop.

So many designs, in fact, that I am having a hard time getting all of them done but I'm not going to complain about that either. Besides they are some of my favorite designs and I think they're going to be good sellers. Check them out at: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez/5711936

3) In addition to the designs, MLW writes a boatload when she is with child. She thought it would be neat to do a blog like me. Her first attempt can be viewed here: http://justjenn-mycrazysocalledlife.blogspot.com/

I will link her blog to this one for anyone who is interested. BTW, the title of her blog, "How your day Fruithead," is what M3S asks everyone at the dinner table every night. Don't ask me! I don't know where he gets this stuff from!

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