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I recently joined a blog exchange in which each member writes about another's designs in their blog once a month. I was fortunate enough in the first month to draw, i design tees, a shop with some very nice designs that will easy to write about. I as looked further into the shop, however, I realized that it was not going to be that easy because there are so many designs I liked, I was having a difficult time choosing one to write about!

I eventually decided on the Operation: Save 2nd Base Breast Cancer Awareness design. I chose this one for several reasons but none of them because of anything to do with baseball, or breast cancer-- or even breasts:

First, of which, is it made me laugh. It is a rare occurrence that you are browsing the Internet and you run across something that makes you laugh out loud-- especially something that main intention is to raise awareness for a good cause. This is not always easy to do-- get your message out to people in a fun and entertaining way, but when you find a way to make it happen it is always better than just being fun or just being informative.

Second, it is different. I don't know, but I don't think the artist originally made up the slogan Operation: Save 2nd Base but you can tell it was done with some thought put behind it. Like all of the designs on i design tees the graphics are strong, with a good use of fonts and color. In addition, there are many designs featuring retro-style or grunge-style designs-- both hot in today's market. In particular, the grunge technique used by this artist is one of the best I have seen recently.

Third. and most importantly, I just plain like it. It reminds me of a time when things were simpler, when "second base" was a big deal. You don't hear a lot about second base anymore because they are so common in today's pop culture! You can't go anywhere without breasts (excuse the expression) being in your face! Catching a bit of cleavage from a woman used to send off alarms but with what women are wearing now, there is much more exposed. Boob-job has been accepted into Webster's and it is not uncommon at all to see totally naked women with (very small) vital parts blurred out on TV!

I like this design enough that I am pretty sure that I would wear it on a T-shirt! I think a lot of men would!

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