Time Out!

I started this blog, first and foremost, to promote my cafepress shop. I have found, recently though, that if I have a platform, I am going to find all kinds of stuff to write about. I hope any readers that I do have, find the variety interesting. I would think that me writing about T-shirts every day would get pretty boring so in some posts my designs are somewhat of an afterthought.

I am going to continue to mix it up from day-to-day and try not to focus too much on the shop, or my stroke, or the fantasy football league, or any one thing in particular. I have read on blogs about "how to be a blogger" that this is not, at all, recommended. I think the reasons are the same that our band, 1.sick.puppy, never really hit it big. We were pretty good, but we tried to do too many different types of music to appeal to everyone (including the four guys in the band). The result of this tactic gave us lots of people that liked some of the stuff we did, but not very many people that really loved everything we did (including the four guys in the band).

This was not that important to me with the band and is not that important to me with the blog because, in both cases, what is important to me is that we're having fun and doing something positive. (When it comes to stuff like this, I have given up on saving the world and just want to focus on those two things.) Besides, I would rather touch a lot a people a little than a little people a lot... I think.

So– this is how we're gonna roll. We will continue to write what we feel at the moment and see where this thing goes. Wherever we go, I hope you can enjoy the ride. I'll drive... you navigate.

I would still love to here from anyone who has comments on my blog. That's what the comments section is for. Don't be afraid!

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Oh yeah– one more thing! I've been adding lots of new designs to: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez. Check 'em out!

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