Let's Roll! 1.04

In case anyone cares (Cox and Steepo) I am writing Friday's post late Thursday night so I can attend to the very important task of having the bowling team shirts embroidered at lunch tomorrow. Its doesn't really matter because I have a hard time falling asleep on the nights that I bowl in the league. It must be all of the pent up stress to do well for my team. The way things are going, I'm surprised I'm still a member. That's why I haven't gotten the shirts done yet-- once I hand them over they will be able to cut me.

I'm getting pretty good at this blog thing. This week, alone, I have figured out how to add hyperlinks to the stories and how to schedule drafts to be posted at a later time. This allows me to write when I have time and publish on a regular basis. It did take me a little while to figure out, exactly how to do it though, so yesterday's post was missed by most. If you didn't get to read it, make sure you check it out now as it is, by far, my favorite article I have done up to this point.

Top five keywords that resulted in visits to SkeetzTeez or SkeetzTeez Blog:

Top five designs sold at SkeetzTeez

The Big Brother and Big Sister designs took back the top spot this week. I guess as we get closer to the election, people start to lose interest. That's the problem with kids today. Let's Roll:

A month or so ago, I think I mentioned that I had joined a blog exchange or crossover blog. The concept is pretty simple in that each member does one story per month in their own blog about a design in another shopkeeper's cafepress collection. They finally got it up and running and there is, definitely, a bunch of talented people involved. In fact, I am considering buying a shirt for MLW from the shopkeeper that I was assigned this month and wrote about in the Designs We Like article this week.

As you can see from the Statcounter report, the exchange drove a lot of hits to my sites this week. I thought I would do the group a solid and mention it for a second time this week in this forum. If you can't find what you are looking for in SkeetzTeez, maybe you can find it in one of the other shops. 

But remember: any time you have an idea for a design or want a certain concept drawn up, let me know via the comment section or one of my other portals. I can complete T-shirts just for you or if I create the design and sell it I will give you a portion of the profits.

Another place to find talented artists and some wicked-cool T-shirts is Teeblr.com. As far as T-shirt ranking Websites go this is, by no means, the biggest but the quality more than makes up for the lack of quantity. I think there is only a few designers submitting shirts, at this time, although, by most similar sites' standards they are "smarter than the average sportswear".

Several SkeetzTeez are ranked as the Top Teeblr shirts, in fact the idea submitted by Maverick has been number one for a few days now. I don't want to stuff the ballot box so I'm not going to mention what designs are mine but, if you have a minute and want to check out some decent tees, visit and vote for your favorites.

Urban Prankster is hot. I'm not sure what is driving it but this Squidoo Lens is flying up the ranked charts. UPN is a spin off of the highly popular, and overexposed, New York group, Improv Everywhere. You've probably seen some of the public "scenes" they have orchestrated, accomplished, filmed and submitted to YouTube. Grand Central Station Freeze, New York City Subway Human Mirror, Best Game Ever and Food Court Musical are some of the more successful missions. 

Urban Prankster is coordinating similar networks in cities around the globe and you can participate in your community's next prank. This lens features classified links showing how to join as well as covert tools you can acquire to start you on your new clandestine secret agent journey and underground, undisclosed YouTube videos to give you an idea of what to expect of the undercover, confidential operations in your future. Virtual, invisible ink prevents non-members from compromising concealed information, but the encoded solution can be revealed with a stealth hand and sharp mind.

I'd tell you more, but I'd have to... well... you know. 

You've been Rick Rolled. This is too, too weird to explain. If you want to waste another 3:31 of your life read the official wikipedia or urban dictionary definition.

Have a good weekend. I'm going to bed. Buy T-shirts. Peace.

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