Let's Roll! 1.03

Does it feel like this week went by really fast? Usually a regular week after a shortened one just drags on and on but yesterday I looked up and it's Thursday already! Before we look at our Link roll for the week let's go to the board and look what's happening on the Statcounter report:

Top five keywords that resulted in visits to SkeetzTeez or SkeetzTeez Blog:
5. brett favre
4. schweddy balls
3. Saracuda
2. land of the lost
1. suck for a buck

Top five designs sold at SkeetzTeez http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez
5. Favre Goes Deep (That's What Cheese Head)
4. Slapshot (Charlestown Chiefs)
3. Schweddy Balls
2. Big Brother (Sister) '09
1. McCain/Palin (McMaverick/Sarahcuda)

I am still a little unsure of what links I am going to include today. Is anybody actually checking these out? If you have links of your own that you would like to appear in this column, send them to me (in the comments section). I will pick one per week and run them with mine. Okay, Let's Roll:

del.icio.us is a Web-based bookmark application I have been using. It works, pretty much, like your bookmarks in your browser with a few extra bells and whistles but what I like best about it is the fact that you have the same pages marked on any and every computer that you sign on to. I am looking at the same list of Websites on my computer at work, at home or from the library.

You can download buttons from del.icio.us that can be added to your browser menu bar to post an address or view all your bookmarks with one click. You also have many preferences available to customize your saved files including the ability to tag your entries and then subscribe to tags (so when someone else uses that tag for a Site they found, you are notified) and network with other users. All-in-all pretty helpful, easy to use and free!

To be completely honest, I don't know what this is, exactly... but it is cool. I was doing some research, recently, on timelines for a project at work and stumbled across this little gem. Obviously the work of a really smart kid (or more likely a whole team of them) at MIT, this Site presents research and samples of a study to improve on the standard timeline that you often see in reports like this. (Kind of like an surreal picture of a picture of a picture and so on.) 

A lot of it is way over my head, to tell yo the truth, but the timelines themselves are somewhat interactive and the live examples contain some really neat information including a minute-by-minute account of the assassination of JFK, a comparison of the Jewish and Christian religious beliefs and the history of the dinosaurs. Maybe it's because I'm a dork and I'm into history and science and stuff, but I thought this was a cool site. I wonder if I can get to other MIT files?

This is a silly little sight that can actually be helpful on occasion-- especially to older folks, such as myself. These kids today... it's like they have their own language or something!

I couldn't see how many entries they had but it was a... a... a... lot! Oh wait-- there is is: 3,332,673 definitions submitted since 1999. The urban dictionary is available in a hardcopy as well as online and has definitions for words from A.N.S. to Zzang. They are user-submitted definitions but, for the most part, they aren't too ridonkulous considering all the attention whores out there. Besides, where else can a noob, cougar, geezer or soccer mom find definitions to words or phrases like: whale tail, shart, break your crayons, cock block, dutch oven and peeps? Not to mention: putting lipstick on a pig, Napoleon Dynamite, qwertyuiop, Vanessa Hudgens, xbx or flexitarian.

But then again-- Why would they want to?

BTW don't call me skeet skeet! Peace out.

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