SkeetzTeez Quarterly Report

Since the main purpose of this blog was to promote my cafepress shop, I thought that, now that we have been up and running for 90-days, I would take this time to review how things have been going. I don't expect many to be that interested in this but I do know other shopkeepers that check in from time to time and it kind of helps me evaluate things if I put them in writing.

SkeetzTeez has had 73 orders for 92 items. Volume has increased steadily each month, which is definitely a good sign, and I hope that trend continues. We have sold over $1000 worth of merchandise and I have made about $150. All of these numbers are extremely good as I have heard that most shops don't turn this kind of sales for six-months to a year. Although it's nice to make a buck or two it is not why I am doing this, which I will get into further, later.

I now have 153 designs available in the shop and, although this does include multiple variations of some, I still have close to half of that many that are unique. The biggest selling design, Big Brother and Big Sister, however, is a fairly common design. The second most popular design, McMaverick and Sarahcuda, is also somewhat common, but is at least a little different from most of the thousands of political stuff out there.

I need to keep up with completing and adding new artwork to the sight. It may be coincidence, but it seems as if sales are better if you are always updating the Site and with the holidays coming up, I want to make sure that anyone that is looking for something that I have, can be sure to find it easily.

Statcounter also tells me that SkeetzTeez has had 2,450 page loads from 726 unique visitors and 102 remaining visitors. Reports also tell me that this blog has had 249 page loads from 162 unique visitors and 35 returning. Between the two Sites we have seen hits from many countries besides the US and Canada, including Chili, Columbia, Hungary, Australia, Ireland, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Iraq, Iran, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and some place called Macedonia, to name more than a few. Pretty cool, huh?

Besides learning a little bit about html code, (which could come in handy some day) I am learning my way around the social scene on the internet too. There are several networks of cafepress people out there that I am now an active member. It is weird to say that you meet people on the Internet but I have come in contact with many others that have many of the same interests as me.

I am into Twitter and Facebook as well as this blog. I have lenses that get a lot of exposure on Squidoo on a strange variety of subjects such as Jorts Fashion, Shermer High School, the Encyclopedia of Immaturity, How to Make a Suck for a Buck Shirt, Urban Cougars, That's What She Said, the Urban Prankster Network, 110% and my newest entry Mix-Tape and I moderate a group that cross-promotes members' shops. 

I have mentioned the crossover blog several times and I (well... Mav and I) have the number one design on Teeblr, a T-shirt ranking Website. I have also been participating in a few other Tee forums and cafepress groups and, with my unexpected success, been a major supporter of the POD service in Web communities like Yahoo Answers and in real life too.

Overall, the whole experience of the last three-months has exceeded my expectations. (Look at that-- a sentence with three words containing the letter X.) I set out on this journey to find a creative outlet to comment on pop-culture because I still had something to say and, besides successfully accomplishing that goal, I had a whole bunch of fun along the way. No matter what sales are like or if I change a little piece of the world in any way, I hope that goal part, and even more importantly, the fun part--continues. I also wish that anyone else following along on the journey is enjoying themselves, too.

If you are a fellow shopkeeper remember: Exposure is the key! Check out some of these links to see how I am using guerilla marketing to promote me and SkeetzTeez!

If you are not a cafepress shopkeeper remember: Exposure is the key! Check out some of these links because... well because I need the exposure! ... and Buy T-shirts. Peace.

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Fun T-shirts said...

Wow, you're definitely off to a great start! It's only been 90 days, and you've got some great stats. I'm very happy for you... keep up the good work :)