Monday Morning Quarterback 1.04

I can't quite figure out how it seems we do nothing over the weekend and still I am so, so tired on Mondays. I mean dead tired! And all day long! I thought I was going to doze off driving to get something for lunch. 

If it was just because of the brain injury, you would think that it would be getting better instead of worse. I'm sure the meds have something to do with it and aging certainly doesn't help but I didn't expect it to be this bad yet.

I think we should bring back nap time. Remember kindergarten? We would get out our mats and lay down after snack time. I know I fell asleep. I wonder if everyone did and how long they let us lay there. 

M3S doesn't do very well with naps. I can get him to lie down with me but it is usually me that falls asleep first. Then he gets up and starts the party. He has this "night-hyper" thing going when he gets sleepy, he will get all excited and talk a mile a minute. M3S definitely has inherited this super power from MLW but I am more than familiar with the phenomenon because my brother suffered from it as a kid.

OK, my tired brain is starting to wander in too many different directions. Let's get on with my notes from the weekend:

• Two words regarding Tina Fey's job doing Governor Palin on SNL: Told ya.
• Stages of my life and Saturday Night Live viewership: 1) Too young to stay up to watch. 2) Old enough to stay up but not old enough to understand the jokes. 3) Old enough to understand but too busy to watch. 4) Time to watch but too old to understand the jokes. 5) Too old to stay up to watch. I'm somewhere between stages 3 and 4 with periods of 5.
• Unfortunately, I was a bit off on my comment, last week, that Brett Favre was a winner no matter what team he played for but I'm man enough to admit it and I'm still not giving up on him.
• It is also unfortunate that I was not off on my other football comments last week: the Rams suck and so does our Fantasy team.
Hot: Urban Prankster Network Squidoo Lens. I have no idea why. http://www.squidoo.com/urbanprankster
Not: How to Make a Suck for a Buck Squidoo Lens. I had to change the rating from R to G because it just wasn't getting any action. The pecker straws must have scared away a few people: http://www.squidoo.com/suckforabuck
Happy Birthday to potential readers: Carrie Fitz, Our Cousin Vinnie and Jordo! Kareoke Saturday!
• Let me just say in my own defense and with all due respect, "Let's Roll" was not made up on Flight 93. It is not trademarked or copyrighted and, in fact, according to wikipedia, may have its origins as early as 1908 and has been mentioned in Farris Buelller's Day Off, Hill Street Blues and the Simpsons before 2001 when, on September 11, it became a symbol of heroism and self sacrifice. I had not intended disrespect in titling this Link Roll "Let's Roll" and sincerely apologize to anyone who may be offended.
• Phrase of the week that you haven't used in 20 years: Shoot the Chit. As in: talk.
• I joined Facebook to help promote the SkeetzTeez shop at: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez. I put it off until now because I wasn't sure if it was appropriate for adults to be hanging out on a Social Networking Website, but a lot of successful shopkeepers to advertise. I will let everyone know how it works out but, in the mean time, it is yet another way that readers can give me feedback. I would love to hear from you!

Tryptophan!!! That's why I am so freaking tired. We had turkey for dinner last night!

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