Let's Roll! 1.02

Before we get into this week's links, let's take a moment to review a few trends recorded with last week's featured link, statcounter:

Top five keywords that resulted in visits to SkeetzTeez or SkeetzTeez Blog:
5. Maverick
4. Barracuda
3. Jonah's Brothers
2. That's what she said.
1. How to make a suck for a buck shirt.

Top five designs sold at SkeetzTeez: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez
5. Cubs Fans Wear Jorts
4. Shermer High School Bulldogs
3. Big Sister '09
2. Big Brother '09
1. McCain/Palin

That McCain/Palin design– or should I say McMaverick/Sarahcuda design, only went up yesterday, and is already selling like crazy! Okay... back to the link roll:

I am, by no means, even close to a computer expert. As I have gotten into this internet T-shirt shop endevour, I have learned a lot but any success that I am having is the result of highly-advanced user-friendly web-based applications such as this.

Blogger.com is what allows me to publish this blog. It is a free service that makes it extremely simple to layout a page, control all of the settings and create and manage posts and comments. The set-up is as easy as registering and then selecting from a couple of dozen formats, adding fun gadgets, naming your blog and answering a series of simple questions to adjust your default settings. From there you just write– just like you would in an email or Word. There are similar tools to edit your type, spell check, and add pictures or movies. The program, then, converts everything to html (web code) so you don't have to (but allows you to if you want to mess with it).

I started blogging to promote the cafepress shop but it has, probably, been more fulfilling to just have a creative outlet to experiment with. I highly recommend that you give it a try! MLW started and, I think, is enjoying it also. If you decide to give it a shot, yourself, be sure to let me know so I can check it out!

I originally signed-up for Twitter as another way to promote the shop. I have seen a few hits from it but have, primarily, kept up with it because it is, kind of interesting.

I would describe Twitter as similar to Facebook or MySpace– a social networking site, that's based on the question, "What are you doing?" I pop onto the site a few times a day and enter something like, "Updating my SkeetzTeez cafepress shop with a new McCain/Palin design: http://www.cafepress.com/skeetzteez" in 140 characters or less. The entry is then posted with all of my other entries and anyone that is "following" me can see what I'm up to. I, in turn, can also "follow" others that may be into the same things as me or write about something I like.

I said it's like Facebook or MySpace, but it seems to be a little more mature. I don't think people spend hours a day surfing the profiles to find people to "follow" and the hammer them with emails and personal messages. Most users seem have an alternative motive– like selling something or trying to get the word out about their cause or candidate. I am following or have followers like the local news channels, people into fantasy football or selling on cafepress.

Did I mention that this one is free too? You can check it out at the link above or anywhere that you see "Follow Skeeeeeetz on Twitter" on my websites. If you join, make sure let me know so I can "follow" you.

Note: I don't know why, exactly, I put quotes around the word "follow"... I guess because it makes it sound a little bit like "stalking".

MLW recently purchased a couple of posters with random facts about Chuck Norris. I am not really a major fan of his, but I found the facts to be hilarious! There are tons– and I mean tons of sites out there with Chuck Norris fact generators but this one claims to be the original.

By the way, enter "find Chuck Norris" into Google and click "I feel lucky".

Have a good weekend. Peace.

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