Monday Morning Quarterback 1.06

Let's start off with some football talk today. The Scott Linehan era (or you could describe it as error) ended today in St. Louis. I saw a on-line poll that asked if this was a good idea. 78% of the respondents answered "yes", 19% said "it doesn't matter" leaving only 3% that thought he should remain as coach of the team... I didn't think he had that much family in town. 

Personally, I don't really think it will make much of a difference this year. The team's problems go way deeper than the Head Coach's positions and, unless they are going to make some wholesale changes, I think it is going to be a long while before we see anything close to another Superbowl caliber team in here. It is a shame, though, as I went to the game yesterday and saw thirty-minutes of decent football being played... and then the Rams had to show up at the start of the second half.

Here's my notes from the weekend:

• Speaking of football, something needs to be done about the NFL's excessive celebration rule because it it too subjective for the referees to call. The Rams were penalized when Stephen Jackson pulled a "Lambeau Leap" into the stands after his first rushing touchdown of the season but the Bills Special Team's six-man, sausagefest, patty-cake, hug-party in the end zone after a kickoff touchback, of all things, was overlooked. Which celebration seems more excessive to you?
• On Saturday we took M3S to my nephew's birthday party at a place called SkyZone--a very cool place with basketball-sized courts covered from end-to-end with trampolines, some of which are not flat, but placed at 45-degree angles. The kids that worked there can do some pretty wicked stuff. I wish I could of given it a try but my (uh-emm) groin didn't allow that.
• Now that I have a three-year old and am lucky enough to attend all these birthday parties, I have some questions that need to be asked. Don't any kids have parties at home anymore? And if mine do, are none of their little friends going to want to come because there are no multi-million dollar facilities with enough dangerous equipment to seriously injure, not only every kid at the party, but several of the parents that are just standing around hoping that none of the other parents talk to them or semi-comatose 17-year-old hostesses licking her chubby, little fingers because they are smeared with icing off the cake that she was not supposed to touch, under any circumstances, even if you have gloves on?
• My folks had the Christmas catalogs at their house last week. Although I think it is a little early for this, as a cafepress shopkeeper, I can understand why the retail stores get them out early. I can't understand, however, how there are already pages folded over and toys circled in the books. Do the kids get ahold of them before we bring them into the house?
• Because I wrote about it last week, I'm not going to go into more depth about the economic bailout except to say, "Told you so."
• I heard that if the government took the money that is being spent on the bailout and divided it, equally, between adult Americans, it would come to almost $400,000 per person. I'm almost sure that this is an exaggeration but, even if it was $4,000, I think I would feel more comfortable with that money in my pocket, or on the wall of my living room, in the form of a high-definition, 68" flat-screen TV, than with the banks and borrowers that let us get in this situation.
• A big shoutout to my good friend Mona who I can't thank enough for introducing me to MLW and for reading the blog. We collaborated on a cute little design for her daughter, Maddie's (did I spell that right?) Sweet Sixteen. Happy Birthday, Kiddo!
• Word of the week that you haven't heard in twenty years and probably never used, yourself, because you would just, outright, curse instead: Jeepers!
 Funny cap: My Dixie Wrecked.
• Saw a news story, over the weekend, quoting a Chinese, 2000 Olympic medal-winner, Yang Yun, that the recent age controversy was caused be a slip of the tongue. Yes... she accidentally didn't lie about her age to a reporter... ooops!
• In another story about a recent survey of married couples, it was determined that it is the women in the relationship that make the "big decisions" in a ratio of 5:2 over the men. However the wives participating in the study thought their husbands were making those decisions 90% of the time. The husbands were confused, though, with only 9% of participants being able to correctly determine who was making the decisions in the household. Of the remaining 91%, 32% were wrong and, an amazing 59% were unsure-- apparently thinking their answer was a "big decision", in itself, and leaving it for their wife to answer.

I've got some more, including stuff on my attempt to save the environment and a buck with my hybrid car and a boa constrictor (this one can't be missed) but I'm thinking about doing full articles on them later in the week. With the economy being a big issue, as well as the local football saga and the Vice-Presidential debate going down in St. Louis on Thursday, it looks to be a busy week so, for now, I'm gonna say... Buy T-shirts. Peace... until tomorrow.

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